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Chleidertrader Marketplace Idea

Posted on September 23 2018

Chleidertrader Marketplace Idea

Are you also bored to waste your time with scrolling through WTB/WTS posts to search a legit buyer for your hypebeast stuff, maintain dozens of sell account on various plattforms, always have doubts if the buyer really hold his promises?

Then you should definitely check the following blog post.

chleidertrader marketplace infographics

The chleidertrader marketplace open its gates in the near future and provide the ability to sell hyped items on the chleidertrader page itself. Everyone can put his hypebeast items on the marketplace and sell it. In this blog post you will find out how it works and which advantages you get from the chleidertrader marketplace.

On the chleidertrader marketplace you can sell your own hypebeast stuff and benefit from our marketplace services. We take on the complete sell procedure. We use our range to find possible customers, offer help with determining a reasonable price for the item, guarantee that the buyer is legit, execute the payment over our site and at the end deliver the money to the original item holder. The item will remain in our store and benefit from our services until its sold.

In the return we take a reasonable fee for the done service after the item is sold.

The following infographics shows how simple it would be. All further specific details will be cleared out the next weeks until the marketplace opens finally.

Dont forget to leave your opinion about the chleidertrader marketplace in the comment section. We appreciate all inputs and are willing to improve the service.


  • Adish: October 11, 2018


  • iambenick: September 23, 2018

    Gueti idee fiiix machee!

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